Loyalty Platinum Program

It pays you to play for real money at Crazy Vegas Casino! Not only will you have access to exciting monthly competitions and bonuses, you will automatically become a member of Crazy Vegas Casino' Platinum Club.

As a member of our Platinum Club, you will be entitled to a host of benefits like free gifts as well as entry in exclusive competitions! PLUS you could qualify for cash back every month! It's as simple as that - there are no membership fees and no registration is required.

How the Platinum Club works:

  • Platinum Club Membership is automatically given to all Real Money Account Holders only.
  • For every $/₤/€10 you wager at the casino, you earn one point.
  • Your Platinum Club Points will be redeemed as casino credits at Casino US.
  • Your Platinum Club Points will be calculated at the end of every month and deposited into your Real Money Casino Account within the first week of the following month.
  • Your Platinum Club Points will only be paid out in units of 1,000. Points totalling less than 1,000 will be carried over to the next month.
  • For every 100 Platinum Club Points you earn, you will receive $/₤/€5 in casino chips
  • Unused Platinum Club Points in inactive accounts become redundant after 3 months.
  • All Blackjack, Craps and Roulette do NOT count.
  • All Pokers and Video Pokers count a THIRD.
  • All other games count 100%.
Here's an example of a Platinum Club Points Balance Statement:
Points carried over from November:
Points earned in December:
Points redeemed for December:
Balance carried over to January:
Points earned in January:
Total points available at present:
Total cash value of points redeemed:

Please read the following:

  • With our loyalty program for every $/₤/€10 wagered players receive 1 loyalty point.
  • For every 100 points the player receives $/₤/€5 in casino credits.
  • These points accumulate during the month are AUTOMATICALLY converted to money and credited to the players account within the first 5 working days of the following month.
  • When these credits are received players can use them to play with or can even cash them in immediately (subject to the minimum cashin value requirements).
  • Compare this promotion to other top casino’s and you will find that $ for $ we are offering 5 times or more casino credits than even the best programs.
  • Except for the initial deposit promotion there are no cashin requirements other than the minimum cashing value of $/₤/€50.
  • Example: A player deposits $/₤/€500 and wagers 40 times the deposit on roulette and 20 times on blackjack.
    Win or lose the player has wagered $/₤/€23’333 (($/₤/€500 x 40)+BJ($/₤/€500 x 20 x 1/3)) and has accumulated 2333 points ($/₤/€23’333 divided by 10) doing so. At the beginning of the next month the players account will be automatically credited with $/₤/€116.65 free bonus (2333 points divided by 100 points x $/₤/€5).
    The player is free to use this money to play with or cash-in as the balance is greater than the minimum cashin value.
  • Platinum Club Points will be paid out to active accounts only.
  • Platinum Club Points in inactive accounts will become redundant after three (3) months.
  • If you have any queries, please contact our Customer Service Team via mail: helpcenter@thecasinosupport.com

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